Behind The Scenes

The project was developed and brought into being by Nat Saenz of Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival (TCIF3) . He sought out the directors, crew and actors that have worked hard to make this short film. Everyone volunteered and no one was compensated for their time and energy. Leading the team was Sean Kennedy.

The film was made during the RadCon 5C, a science fiction/fantasy convention at the Red Lion Inn in Pasco, WA. This 10 min short was filmed and a rough edit was done at the convention on Friday and Saturday. Convention goers were allowed to participate in front of and behind the camera as part of ďLetís Make a Movie: RadCon Style.Ē A rough cut was shown to the attendee's on Sunday. The World Premiere of Clockwork Infinity is set for 7:44pm at the Renovation Film Festival at Worldcon on August 18, 2011.

Sean Kennedy
Sean was the lead director and has been editing and doing post production since February. He has been building the many special effects and transitions which are needed for the film. He is a special effects artist from Los Angeles and has worked on many major films and projects. Sean also wrote the story and provided overall direction. Sean attended school for industrial design in Pittsburgh, PA, and then moved out to Los Angeles in 1997 for a career in motion picture special effects. He started with independent features and television commercials, but he quickly worked his way into Academy Award winning make-up facilities such as Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., and Rick Bakerís Cinovation. Growing alongside the industry, Sean made the transition to digital effects in 2002 and currently works at Rhythm & Hues Studios. You can see some of his projects at MACK/DADD Productions.

Matt Vancil
Matt co-directed and brought additional creative input for the film. Matt is an award-winning writer and filmmaker and the Director of Development for Dead Gentleman Productions. He wrote and directed the fantasy-comedy cult films The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. His comic fantasy webseries, JourneyQuest, completed its first season on Hulu in November. Matt is a graduate of the American Film Institute in Hollywood and has an MFA in Screenwriting. He lives in Tacoma, WA.

Jen Page
Jen was a principle actor in this short as a time traveler. The actors had quite a challenge with almost no time between receiving the screenplay and filming. Also, the filming and a rough edit needed to be completed in the 2 day span of the convention. Jen welcomes a challenging range of characters and loves all genres from action and suspense to romantic comedies. Her recent projects allowed her to become a rebellious, beautiful alien as well as a crafty sorceress rogue. She also loves interacting with her fans online so visit her at thejenpage page on Facebook .

Nick Plantz
Nick was the other principle actor in the film as a weary traveler. He is a science fiction fan with an addiction to conventions and is working on his own fan film. Nick attended Gonzaga University for a degree in broadcasting. He has worked on the SpoCon convention in Spokane, WA for over three years.

Andy Wolf
Andy wrote the screen play from Seanís story that was used for the production. He helped in a lot of areas and performed the ďAgentĒ roll. His web site is, Andy Wolf Entertainment. He has skills as filmmaker, producer, director, assistant producer, director, assistant director, actor, comedian, musician, singer, acting teacher/coach, professional puppeteer. He is based in Los Angeles, was trained at Northwestern University. He loves both sides of the camera equally.

Jessica Danz Gollinger
Jessica was a RadCon convention attendee and volunteered for the role of Hotel Clerk. She happened to be around the planning meeting Friday night and was pulled into the project.

David Foster
David was the Bartender in the film. He was on the set when not in front of the camera and ran the slate most of the time. He is the owner of 1947 Entertainment.

    Story by Sean Kennedy

    Screenplay by Andy Wolf

    Produced by
    Nat Saenz
    David Kania
    Andy Wolf

    Directed by
    Sean Kennedy
    Andy Wolf

Jen Page
Nick Plantz
Andy Wolf
Jessica Danz Gollinger
Hotel Clerk
  David Foster
  Matt Vancil
Guy sitting in bar
Thomas Fuller
Guy walking in bar

  Assistant Director Matt Vancil
  Camera Nick Nanni
  Camera Nat Saenz
  Steadicam Brad Steiner
  Lighting Doug Staudt
  Sound Steffen Lettau
  Costume Design Jen Page
  Props David Kania
  Visual Effects Sean Kennedy
  Visual Effects Thomas Fuller
  Editor Sean Kennedy
  Audio Mixing Sean Kennedy
  Music Arrangement Sean Kennedy
  Creative Consultant David Foster
  Photography Ed Lund
  Hotel Location Coordinator Benjamin Fleming
  Production Assistants

Thomas Fuller
Marissa Menard
Bryan Greger
Ed Lund
Neal Taft
Eric Taft
Royce Taft
David Foster
Mike Perkins